Agile Education Workshop for Schools

This year will see the début of an educational workshop introducing the next generation of young people to agile practices. School students, Agile educators, and teachers will come together to take part in this hands-on digital skills workshop.

Over 3 days, 120 school students from across Scotland will travel to the conference to take part. The workshop is created in partnership with Digital World.


During the 90 minute sessions, young people will be introduced to agile methods and practices in a fast, fun, and sociable setting. Working in teams they’ll solve problems, and gain an insight into non-technical aspects of software development.

In the workshop, students will work together to decrypt a secret message using BBC micro:bits. Only by working in an agile way will they be able to to crack the code in time! They’ll reflect on their work, as well as suggesting ways to improve their processes before the next iteration.


There has been a fantastic response from schools across Scotland. Over 100 groups registered interest and all workshop slots are now fully booked. However, for those who aren’t attending, all the learning materials (including notes, slides, lesson plans) will be shared online after the event.

It’s hoped that this new approach to introducing students and their teachers to agile techniques will result in a better understanding of modern software development practices. Also, it will emphasise the importance of the softer, non-technical, skills needed for working in the digital industry.

(Photo credit: Claire Quigley, CoderDojo Scotland)


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